Why do we spend so much emotional energy hiding from the truth?

Although I’d started and stopped tons of blog posts about how we communicate what we feel, nothing was coming together. So I thought I’d take a break. I told myself I was just distracted and busy and that it would be better to write when I had more time.

As the months ticked by I started feeling guilty and frustrated. I criticized myself for being slack, inefficient and for not being able to just crank something out.

The truth was, I didn’t feel I had anything worthy to say and admitting it felt bad.

Eventually it occurred to me that all the emotional fallout from the excuses felt worse than the “truth feeling.” Although mine is one everyday example, I believe it’s a thing of life.

It seems we make excuses to hide from our truth when actually it’s not the truth that ends up hurting us; we suffer from the emotional weight of the excuses we’ve made to protect ourselves.