2017 Talks and Programs


South Carolina Association for Justice Convention Hilton Head, SC: 4th.

    • The Root Runs the Show: What a bit of science, emotion, and history can teach you about who you are.

South Carolina Tort Law, Columbia: 10th.


2016 Talks and Programs


South Carolina Municipal Attorneys Association: Annual Meeting, Columbia: 2nd.

  • It’s An Inside Job: Looking Within Ourselves to Create New Coping Strategies for Managing Stress.

South Carolina House of Representatives, Columbia: 29th.

  • Clash of the Titans: How Increasing Your Self-Awareness Can Help Reduce the Stress You Feel When Personalities Collide.

SC Collaborative Divorce, Morton & Gettys Attorneys, Rock Hill: 16th.

  • Role of the Therapist in the Collaborative Process

Giving Form to Feelings with Paint: Studio Cellar, Columbia: 10th.

  • This class guides you away from using words to describe what you feel.

SC Collaborative Divorce, South Carolina Bar Association, Columbia: 29th. & 30th.

  • The Role of the Therapist in the Collaborative Process

NAMI: National Alliance of Mental Health, Kerhsaw County: 25th.

  • Helping Families Feel and Heal

2015 Talks and Programs

University of South Carolina: Children’s Law Center: Columbia

  • Personal Costs of the Profession: Adding Emotional Self-Care to the Picture

Commissions on Judicial and Lawyer Conduct: Columbia

  • Insights Into the Emotional Health Stresses of the Legal Profession

Investors Title: Southeast Annual Seminar: Columbia

  • Your Personal Journal: Coping Strategies

South Carolina Construction Law Conference: Charleston

  • The Mental Tug-of-War: Identifying Your Unique Ways of Coping

South Carolina Council of School Attorneys: Myrtle Beach

  • What’s an Attorney to Do When Suppressing Your Emotions Can Hurt More Than Help?

NAMI: National Alliance of Mental Illness: Camden

  • Families Under Stress: Coping With a Diagnosis

South Carolina Bar Association: Columbia

  • I’m Feeling So Emotional: Tools for Attorneys
  • Recognizing and Treating Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
  • Redefining Personal Meaning and Value in Practice 

Other Programs and Talks

  • University of South Carolina Children’s Law Center:  Columbia
    • Managing Your Brainstorm: Tools for Coping With Life as an Attorney
  • South Carolina Bar Association and Charleston School of Law: Charleston
    • How Suppressing Emotion Can Lead to Anxiety
  • North Carolina Association of Defense Lawyers: Hilton Head
    • Cognitive Tools to Help Lawyers Manage Emotional Suppression
  • American Board of Vocational Experts: Scottsdale, Arizona
    • How Suppressing Emotion Can Lead to Anxiety
  • South Carolina Bar Association: Columbia
    • Using Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques in Emotionally Charged Situations
    • Beyond “Just the Facts, Ma’am” Using Your Emotional Brain to Help You and Your Clients 
    • The Needle and the Damage Done: Attorney Mental Health 
    • Cognitive Tools to Help Lawyers Manage Emotional Depletion

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