Lisa Holland Psychotherapy Columbia, SC

Your way of thinking is shaped by your early experiences, your family’s beliefs, how you’ve learned to cope and how your biology and psychology have adapted to either confirm or deny your thoughts.

When your thoughts and emotions are in conflict you can feel symptoms of anxiety and depression. Or, that something is just not right.

Psychotherapy can help you uncover unconscious emotional barriers and destructive patterns of thinking.

I’m very interactive in my approach: together we work as a team to move you into a new chapter of your life!

In therapy you can expect me to:

  1. Hear your story, concerns and interpretations.
  2. Look for early messages and roles within your family of origin.
  3. Ask you to connect your feelings to specific actions.
  4. Explore new ways of coping that fit what you think and feel.
  5. Suggest things for you to think about and do between sessions.
  6. Support you as the pieces come together and you heal.
1237 Gadsden Street
Suite 200 J
Columbia, South Carolina 29201