Form-to-Feeling-Poster“I feel stuck going back and forth on this decision,” she said. “I feel like it has power over me!” I get what she’s telling me, not just from a professional standpoint, but from a personal one too.

Some decisions are easy to make, like taking a sip of spoiled milk and knowing in a split second…No! Yuck!

Then, there are the hard decisions; you know what I’m talking about. The ones that come packed with emotion and seem to go like this: “I know I should____, but I feel___. I think, I feel, I know, I feel!”

Ahah – stop the madness!

Because I have a tendency to see emotional concepts in shape, diagram and image and because words occasionally lose their meaning for me, I’ve learned, that if you can put your emotions into a form you can get a new perspective on the issue that’s troubling you.

Because we all, and I’m including myself, get caught in this kind of drama, I created a tool to help recognize the emotions that seem hidden from awareness. I’m talking about the the feelings that can lock us in that back and forth situation of “I think – I feel,” drama.

In this class, Giving Form to Feelings with Paint:

  1. You’ll focus on one decision you want to make.
  2. I’ll take you through a short set of questions that you’ll answer for yourself.
  3. Each answer will help build your final emotional form.
  4. Charlotte will guide you in adding color to your emotional form.

This class is not psychotherapy. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to see what you feel.

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