It’s easy to make the black and white, non-emotional decisions in life, but the emotional ones…this is a differnt story.

Emotional problem-solving requires some basic knowledge of  who you are.

When an accidental electrical shock in childhood took my memory and my ability to access words, my basic “emotional assessment” skills were gone, and you need these because they guide you in problem-solving.

I’ve come to believe that there are six psychological factors that root you in your ability to make clear emotional decisions:

    1. Know who you are in your family of origin: your strengths, weaknesses and position.
    2. Understand how your pattens of behaving have been shaped by your family of origin.
    3. Know what you love of your history and will focus on and what you’d like to change.
    4. Grieve. Yes, grieve what you wanted and believed that didn’t happen.
    5. Know the connection between your psychology and physiology.
    6. Strive to see yourself as whole and integrated because this will ground you as you make emotional decisions. And If it doesn’t work out, you’ll make peace and try again.


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