It’s Not Work or Life, It’s All Life

Because my site was hacked recently, I'm only showing basic information until the new website is up in August.

Adult and Family Psychotherapy and Emotional Health Programs for People in Law, Medicine and Business. 

Speaking Information


  • South Carolina Title Insurance Conference
  • October 20 . 2015, Columbia
  • South Carolina Construction Law Conference
  • NAMI National Alliance of Mental Illness
  • August 24, 2015
  • September 18 & 19 . 2015, Charleston
  • South Carolina School Boards Association
  • August 28 . 2015, Myrtle Beach
  • South Carolina Bar Association
  • February 24 . 2015: Columbia
  • South Carolina State Bar Convention
  • January 22, 2015: Columbia


Past Programs

  • Cognitive Tools to Manage Emotional Depletion: University of South Carolina Children’s Law Center: Office of General
  • I'm Feeling So Emotional: South Carolina Bar Association and the Charleston School of Law
  • Managing Your BrainStorm: South Carolina Bar Association
  • Cognitive Tools to Help Lawyers Manage Emotional Depletion: South Carolina Bar Association
  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques in Emotionally Charged Situations:
  • South Carolina Bar Association
  • Cognitive Behavioral Techniques in Emotionally Charged Situations: North Carolina Association of Defense Lawyers
  • Suppressing Emotion and Anxiety
  • American Board of Vocational Experts Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Just the Facts Ma'am: Using Your Emotional Brain: South Carolina Bar Association
  • How Suppressing Your Emotions Can Lead to Anxiety: South Carolina Bar Association


I created the Heart Spa because I wanted to change the way women receive health information – to be more in sync with the way they learn. Using a word women get, “Spa,” I combined a mini-spa experience with insights into specific emotions that have an effect on heart functioning.

At the 2012 Heart Spa, I met a woman I’ll never forget As we walked across the room she said, “my work let me off to come here tonight. I’ve lived through cancer and a heart attack and I’ve always worked for other people; I’ve never had a massage.” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. She’s why I do this.

These are pictures from the Columbia Heart Spa Event, 2010